What is Fasting?


Fasting Definition from

verb (used without object)
1. to abstain from all food.
2. to eat only sparingly or of certain kinds of food, especially as a religious observance.

verb (used with object)
3. to cause to abstain entirely from or limit food; put on a fast: to fast a patient for a day before surgery.

4. an abstinence from food, or a limiting of one’s food, especially when voluntary and as a religious observance; fasting.
5. a day or period of fasting.

Daniel Fast

The Daniel fast is taken from two scriptures in the bible concerning Daniel who was a prophet. Daniel was taken into captivity along with the children of Israel by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. In the first chapter of Daniel the young men of Israel were set apart to be trained for the king’s service, Daniel was one of them. They were taught the language and literature of Babylon and also given a special diet. Daniel along with three others refuse the Babylon diet and requested to have special diet which can be found in verse 12 consisting of veggies (including fruit) and water.

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The second diet can be found in Daniel chapter 10. Daniel received a message which grieved him or made him sad. The as a result he began to fast (which lasted 3 full weeks) in which he ate no pleasant food (or seasoned food), no meat, and no wine. Some theologians believe bread was an item that Daniel did not eat during the three weeks.

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From both of these passages the Daniel fast was derived and is now followed to this day.

As a corporate body we will be observing the Daniel fast by not eating:

  • Meats
  • Sweets
  • Breads

As a caution we do ask that if you have any medical issues regardless of ingesting medications please consult with your doctor before you begin the fast.

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Scripture References on the word Fast

Isaiah 58 – Fasting as a lifestyle
Judges 20: 25-27, Nehemiah 1:3-5 – Fasting to receive an answer from God
1 Samuel 7:5-7 – Fasting as a part of repentance
Ezra 8 – Fasting and prayer for Protection
Esther 4 – Intercession
Matthew 4 – Jesus fasting 40 days and nights. This fast was a defining time in which He was preparing to enter into His full purpose.