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Our Pastors

Pastors David & J'Shcarla Adkins

Pastor David Adkins

Pastor David Adkins was born in Omaha, Nebraska, where he received the call of God to ministry. Pastor David was initially ordained in 1997, under the leadership of the late Bishop Vernon Richardson of Faith Temple Church of God in Christ (NE). During this time of training God began to expose and unearth gifts that would be essential for Pastor David to equip, train, and restore God’s people. Pastor David has served as a minister of the gospel in preaching and in song for over 20 years and has a practical and anointed word that enlightens and brings relevance to applying the word of God to our lives. Pastor David has a real passion for the broken and disenfranchised. He uses examples from his own life’s experiences to help people break away from the shame, fear, and hurt of past failures.

Pastor J'Shcarla Adkins

Pastor J’Shcarla Adkins is powerful teacher of the word. Pastor Jay, as she is affectionately known, uses a down to earth practical approach to equipping the body of Christ. Pastor Jay was born in New York City, New York into a family of ministry workers and leaders. She has worked in every aspect of ministry to include Youth and Children’s ministry, Music and Arts, and is now Co-Pastor alongside with her husband. Pastor Jay is a builder of people and passionate about seeing people live victoriously in life.

Pastors’ David and Jay work as a powerful team, moving in a powerful apostolic, prophetic, healing and deliverance anointing through the love of God. They have been married for 20 years and have three awesome children, J'Ana, David Jr., and Kayla.


Apostolic Covering

Pastor’s Adkins and Kingdom Assembly Worship Center is covered apostolically by Apostle Von and Pastor Terri Peaks, Good News International Christian Center based in Arlington, TX.

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Our Mission

To share the good news of Christ and His Kingdom globally. 

To be a voice of truth that equips the body through teaching the word of God and practical application in discovering your purpose in Christ.

To demonstrate the love of God through healing the brokenhearted and setting the captives free according to Isaiah 61.

To assist ministries to recapture their corporate mandate in order to expand the Kingdom of God.


Get To Know Us

Our Vision

To be a multicultural body that is a pure source for spiritual renewal and life change.

To be fully vested in the ministry of Christ providing a culture that grows spiritually mature individuals.

Equipping the body to impact their sphere of influence in order to expand the Kingdom of God.